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Ghostwritten Ebook Creation/Publishing Services

Ghostwritten Ebook Creation/Publishing Services




Our Ghostwriting Services Include:

    • Interviews and research to learn all about you and your book idea
    • Planning and outlining your book
    • Ghostwriting original content based on interviews or research
    • Revisions to our writing per your feedback and guidance
    • Meticulous editing to ensure your text is free of error
    • Formatting and typesetting for print-on-demand publication
    • Literary agent search services
    • Publishing consultancy for traditional publishing and self-publishing
    • Book cover design
    • Self-publishing services
    • On-call availability to discuss your project and consult with you from beginning to end

Because of the nature of ghostwriting, it is hard to price these packages because of the amount of variables involved. Packages can run as low as a few hundred dollars for a short ebook to well into six figures for a celebrity biography.

Please contact us before purchasing.


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