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ULTRA Instagram Growth Package


ULTRA Instagram Growth Package

$785.00 $600.00 / month



NOTE: This package is Instagram only

We are offering PowerLikes and Mentoring services that can help you grow your Instagram page at crazy rate and fully organically. Up to 40.000 followers within the first month!

Each and every package comes with FREE MENTORING on HOW TO GO VIRAL SUCCESSFULLY. One of our experts will be able to help you with all of your questions and concerns!!

‍Total Network Info:

  • Total Size: 220 million followers
  • Average Account Size 198k
  • Variety of niches supported!
  • Up to 700 PowerLikes Per Post
  • Network UpTime 24/7 356
  • Network Delivery Time 10 minutes!
  • Payment method PayPal or CC

This package includes:

  • 350 PowerLikes
  • 300 PowerComments
  • Up to 5 posts per day
  • 180 million total network
  • Custom Comments

This package includes FREE daily posting!

Have a smaller budget to spend??

Try our Steady Growth Service

  • Grow up to 200 Real Followers Daily
  • Highly Targeted and Active Followers
  • Create exposure for your IG account
  • Increase Engagement
  • Create new business opportunities/sales
  • 100% Safe way to grow your IG
  • Highly trusted provider

Price $169 per month!

What are engagement groups?

Engagement groups define a number of social media users who meet through messenger services like Telegram to exchange comments and likes on each others posting on Instagram or Facebook. Sometimes these groups are titled as comment pods or engagement pods.

What is the Idea of Engagement Groups?

Participants of engagement groups try to avoid the blunt simplicity of the follow-for-follow method and want to create more than just a one-time like-for-like exchange. The engagement between group members is supposed to be more authentic and meaningful by creating real and relevant comments for each other’s postings. Users form their own communities with members that are interested in the same niche i.e. travel, beauty, or fitness.

Their common and main goal is to gain followers by driving more traffic to their own social media channels. They are often called pods, which originally describes small herds of whales or dolphins and referring to the users’ attempt to appeal loyal in their commenting.

How do Engagement Groups Work?

Whenever a group member uploads a new post, the person also shares the content with his or her engagement group so that others can like or comment on the posting. People also create pods with group messaging so that everyone in their pod will be notified of new posts immediately.

What are Power Likes?

You may be asking yourself that question right now. Power Likes involve a large network of accounts that engage with each others content to give it a better chance of going viral.

This symbiotic relationship between accounts, allows for a community larger than just one accounts following to be exposed to the content. That’s the beauty of the explore page! The explore page consists of content from accounts you engage with, accounts that have engaged with you, and other accounts that they have engaged with. This is what allows for such a diverse feed, while still remaining within a specific niche.

In addition, these Power Like networks usually have a community of accounts with a high following. The social reach that occurs from multiple 100k+ accounts engaging with each other is exponential because of the explore page. Just imagine a network of 10 accounts with 100k followers each. Just those accounts alone would have an overall social reach of 1 million! It doesn’t stop there. Their following’s followers would get exposed to the content as well. It is this drip feed of content between accounts that allows for certain post to go viral.



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